TabbyPOS Weekly Update 01 NOV 2023

2 min readNov 1, 2023


This week, we are setting up a new cloud server, getting ready to migrate to the new server, which includes establishing an ERGO node. In less than 20 days, TabbyPOS is set to launch in the market. Here, I want to remind everyone not to have overly high expectations for sales, as we currently do not have the budget for large-scale public promotion.

In our offline strategy, we plan to promote the product to industry contacts and friends, leveraging their referrals to find businesses enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies. We will then formulate the next steps based on market feedback.

In the online realm, our strategy involves integrating with other blockchains to boost TabbyPOS’s exposure, such as Solana, IoTeX, ICP, and others.

Lastly, let’s talk about the price of EPOS. I understand that recent EPOS price performance has been disappointing, but I believe this is just a temporary downturn. I firmly believe that the potential of EPOS goes beyond what we currently see, and once it hits the market, we will encounter many opportunities. Finally, I want to express gratitude to those who continue to hold EPOS, thanking you for your patience and support.

Regarding the use of $EPOS :

  1. Decision-making through Paideia voting for various project decisions.
  2. Sharing TabbyPOS earnings.
  3. Potential future activities for $EPOS holders.

TabbyPOS’s sources of income include :

  1. TabbyApp withdrawal fees
  2. TabbyPOS transaction fees
  3. White Label TabbyAPP fees
  4. Other revenue streams

Additionally, concerning White Label TabbyAPP, we can, for example, issue a customer’s token on the ERGO blockchain and customize the name and logo of TabbyAPP to fit their brand. This way, Merchant can have their own branded app and token.

Finally, regarding income transparency and profit sharing, if TabbyPOS proves successful in the days to come, we will employ professional accounting and auditing to ensure transparency.




A blockchain payment solution integrates a hardware terminal with POS software that seamlessly merges the blockchain with real-world business operations