Hi TabbyPOS family,

This week, we are working diligently on integrating with IoTeX. However, the most critical issue remains unresolved. Our team continues to put in efforts.

Additionally, this week, we discussed the burn of 415 million TabbyPOS Tokens and simplifying TabbyPOS’s tokenomics in our Telegram group. Despite some differing opinions, everyone was able to understand each other and engage in calm and constructive discussions.

Finally, we have destroyed 414 million tokens and retained 1 million for giveaways and promotional purposes (the allocation of 1 million for giveaways was actually forgotten previously but has now been added back).

Below is the structure after the unused Tokens have been destroyed. It now appears straightforward and transparent. Soon, the TabbyPOS project will receive a clear market valuation ranking in Coingecko and CMC.




A blockchain payment solution integrates a hardware terminal with POS software that seamlessly merges the blockchain with real-world business operations